by alex worley

When properly cared for, anthuriums can bloom year-round. Here's how to look after these beautiful flowers >>

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1. Propagate  CUTTINGS

There are many ways to start anthuriums, but cuttings are my favorite. Why? You’ll have flowers much sooner than you would from seedlings.

2. Proper light = BLOOMS!

Anthuriums are sensitive to light changes. They'll frown and won't bloom in shade. >> Give them plenty of bright indirect light to encourage blooms.

3. Keep the soil MOIST

Also called the flamingo lily, this houseplant likes constant hydration. BUT >> Avoid overwatering. Just give it water when the top inch of soil dries out. Misting is also fine.

4. Feed with PHOSPHORUS

Nitrogen fertilizers promote foliage, but a phosphorus fertilizer will promote blooms.  >> I recommend the E-Z Gro blossom booster 10-30-20 fertilizer.

5. Keep it WARM

Anthuriums won't bloom in cold rooms.   Ideal day temps should be somewhere in the 60-85°F range, while nighttime temps shouldn’t drop below 60°F.

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