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YardOwner is a great place to learn how to improve your yard – from landscaping to patio and deck maintenance, backyard gardening tips to composting, driveway cleanliness to a lot more DIY backyard projects.

Joe Hammond

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Joe Hammond is a high school Agriculture teacher, but since 18 years ago, he developed a passion for gardening and started doing it right in his backyard. He shares about his gardening, backyard improvement, and DIY tips right here.

Alex Knight

Author | Editor

Alex has been a web copywriter since the year 2008. His love for sharing knowledge and information led him to co-found YardOwner where he shares his life-long yard improvement tips for all those interested in DIY backyard projects.

We have covered and continue to cover a lot more topics, from composting tips, yard cleanliness, yard tools, landscaping, patios, decks, porch, balcony, and driveway maintenance, weed control around the backyard, gardening guides, and much more.

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