How to Make Chain Link Fence Look Better (Privacy + Decorating Ideas)

Chain link fences are durable, secure, and affordable options for many homeowners. On average, you might pay between $5-$20 per square foot for the material (and an extra $20-$30 for installation) of a chain-link fence along your home’s perimeter.

Adding an aspect of beauty to your chain-link fence can be fun, inexpensive, and relaxing for some people. Fence decoration relies more on creativity and the willingness to try out new concepts. Some decoration techniques are ideal for residential homes, while others are particularly well suited for public spaces.

Can you beautify an old chain link fence?

There are several ways to enhance an old chain-link fence depending on your intended outcome, your budget, and your style.

The assumption that a chain-link fence can only assume its original design is incorrect and unfounded. You can go for different decoration techniques that fit your tastes and serve to meet a distinct purpose.

A primary drawback of chain link fencing relates to its standardized, monotonous appearance. People often view chain link fencing as a bland type of enclosure that prevents one from expressing their unique taste, inhibits creativity, and is tricky to customize according to individual preferences.

Here’s how to make your chain-link fencing look nice.

Ways to make a chain link fence look better

Decorating a chain link fence requires a creative mind, outside-the-box thinking, risk-taking, and an individual who’s willing to explore one’s artistic side. You can choose from different materials to create beautifully designed fences that define who you are as a person and what your personality entails.

Here are some ideas for decorating chain link fences you can use:

Paint your fence

You can use paint to add a personal touch to your fencing and make it more attractive to visitors, neighbors, etc. Typical chain-link fences feature a dull silver-grey color that seems gloomy and unattractive.

You can quickly transform your fence with a touch of color. However, you must take into account a few critical factors before venturing on your creative journey. Choosing the best paint is the first thing to consider.

A Rust-oleum paint is a viable option given its especially suited for metallic surfaces (and reduces the effect of rust on metal). You might also have to consider the fence background colors. For instance, a green color might be ideal when painting over a green, grassy backdrop.

Be sure to remove any rust or dirt on the metal before painting the fence. Using the long-nap roller correctly can create a quality finish – it also depends on the painter’s skill and attention to detail.

Plant vertical gardens/ climbing vines

Climbing vines are a great way of adding a personal touch to your chain link fence. The vines provide a natural, exquisite look to the fencing regardless of its underlying material.

You can choose between different climbing vine species when implementing your project. Popular options include the Persian ivy, creeping fig, morning glory, passion vine, etc. You might have to consider several aspects before settling on a choice.

Some of the key considerations include whether the plant is evergreen, flowering, perennial, etc. It’s not advisable to plant toxic vines on your fence as they can easily affect children, pets, and other passers-by.

Climbing vines and chain link fences create a perfect match where one provides sturdy support while the latter enhances the aesthetics of your living space.

Get creative with plastic cups.

You can use plastic cups to decorate your chain link fence. You only require some level of creativity, a design/pattern, and an adequate amount of plastic cups.

Just use the openings between the chain links to insert the cups firmly by working from the smaller side. Once the cup fits snugly between the space, it becomes easier for you to work on an exceptional design that can keep others glued to your fence.

You can also try out different patterns, color combinations, etc. It’s all about finding out what works for you.

Bamboo/wood/reed slats for extra privacy

Bamboo slats add a sense of authenticity around your chain link fence. The material also helps increase privacy, making it ideal for use within a residential compound.

Installing bamboo/reed slats is straightforward, easy to do, but labor-intensive. Use rolled bamboo slats and position them along the length of your fence roughly 1-inch above the ground. You can ask for help when laying the bamboo (or have a piece of wood with a similar height; 1-inch).

After layering, you’ll need zip ties (or binding wire) to attach the bamboo to the chain-link fence and securely hold the bamboo slats in place. Ensure you pay attention to spacing, aiming to keep it at a minimum of 12 inches between alternating links.

Remember to ensure that your bamboo slats remain straight and firm before finishing up, chopping off excess wire, and adding a personalized touch to your fencing.

Landscape lights

Lights have a way of complementing the design of a structure. You can use landscaping lights to decorate parts of your chain-link fence with ease.

Start by plotting your fence while looking into the preferred spots for installing outdoor bulbs, lamps, etc.  It’s best to consider the vertical poles as they provide access to a firm, level surface on which to place your lighting tools. You can also hire a technician for the wiring (and more specialized aspects) of the project. Strategically place your lighting bulbs, check to confirm that everything is working, and switch on. Try out something new and experiment with different bulb colors for a more personalized effect.

Landscape light is best appreciated at twilight or during foggy days when the colors and illumination split the monotone hues of your chain-link fencing.

Use a weatherproof cable/yarn bomb.

Yarnbombing is a popular way of adding a personalized touch to dull surfaces. The process entails using different yarn colors to create patterns and elaborate designs that readily appeal to others.

Yarnbombing is a skill that requires regular practice. You can always hire a professional yarn bomber to help you out if you don’t trust your skills on the decoration technique. The craft involves plenty of knitting, color combinations, and using yarn to share your personality with others.

You can also use weatherproof rope for a more modern touch to the decoration. The weatherproof cord comes in different colors, patterns and can be folded, bent, tied in unique designs that may leave your fence standing out from others within your neighborhood.

Install colored padlocks/beaded glass marbles on chain link fence

Decorating chain-link fencing with padlocks, beads, and other ornaments remains a popular option among most people. You can use different colored padlocks to decorate and improve the aesthetics of your chain-link fence. Ideally, you can also use ornamental beads such as glass marbles to provide a personalized and colorful touch to your fencing.

Installing colored padlocks is relatively straightforward. You can create patterns by locking individual padlocks on the chain-link fence. Couples often engage in the activity along public ground fences, where lovers (and young couples) often engage in it to symbolize their unity and love. In essence, the idea is that as long as the fastener remains locked, their affection for one another endures. In contrast, glass beards have a less symbolic yet equally colorful effect. You merely place glass beads strategically on the fence and create a pattern, design, etc.

The glass beads aesthetic effect is best viewed during sunsets and sunrise (when the sun’s rays are mellow and not too bright). Adding an aspect of beauty to your chain-link fence can be fun, inexpensive, and relaxing for some people. Fence decoration relies more on creativity and the willingness to try out new concepts. Some decoration techniques are ideal for residential homes, while others are particularly well suited for public spaces.

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