How To Stop Neighbor’s Dog Pooping In My Yard

Neighbor’s dogs can be a nuisance, mainly if they use your yard as their pooping area. For instance, dog poop stinks and can take several months to fully decompose, leaving your carefully managed garden brown and patchy. Some homeowners who become frustrated with their neighbors’ unwillingness to control their dogs result in dreadful measures such as shooting or poisoning the animal. There is no need to lose your temper and make such a horrible decision. There are several effective ways to deal with that nuisance once and for all.

Neighbors dogs can make your yard stink with their feces.

Putting up a barrier around the yard using dog-repellent scents, buying an ultrasonic repellent device, installing motion-activated lawn sprinklers, installing security cameras, or talking to your neighbor is an effective way to keep neighbors’ dogs off the yard.

Here I will explore various options you can use to stop your neighbor’s dog pooping from pooping in your yard. Read on to learn more.

Why is the neighbor’s dog pooping in my yard?

Your neighbor’s dog might be pooping in your yard because there is no poop bag dispenser installed in your neighbor’s place. So every time the dog feels like pooping, it runs to your compound to make use of the yard as its pooping area.

There is no sense of personal space.

Animals naturally move freely and without restrictions. Your neighbor’s dog has no idea it’s invading your property, and it may end up unknowingly pooping in your yard.

No protective barriers

Your visitor will most likely be your neighbor’s dog if you don’t have an impenetrable fence. 

Your yard barrier should be tall enough to keep the neighbor’s dog from jumping over it. The wall shouldn’t have holes and openings allowing your neighbor’s dog to enter your compound.

The owner’s lack of control

Your neighbors should take full responsibility for their dogs and ensure they have control. For example, the dog should always be on a leash when strolling with the owner. If the owner does not control their dog, it will likely end up pooping in your yard.

Territorial marking

Animals like Dogs and cats are territorial. As such, they mark their territories by leaving a scent. Urine scent is a dog’s communicative behavior. You may notice the neighbor’s dog, particularly the male, marking in your yard. This happens when it is exposed to a new odor or is in an unfamiliar environment. The dog may end up pooping in your compound while territory marking.

How to stop neighbor’s dog pooping in my yard

Visible warning signs, protective barriers, and animal-safe dog repellants are safe, legal ways to prevent the neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard. Talking to your neighbor about the problem is also an ideal preventative approach. 

I. Construct a barrier around your yard

Constructing a barrier around your yard is one of the most effective ways of stopping your neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard. Some barriers you can construct include staggered wooden boards, stone walls, panels, pergolas, or live hedge fencing. Whichever option you choose, ensure there aren’t enough large spaces for a dog to pass through.

Suppose you don’t like fencing your yard or feel that constructing a barrier is not financially feasible. In that case, you can put ground barriers along the ground instead of constructing an entire wall. Some of the barriers you can put along the ground, especially on the entry points, include sharp landscaping rocks or anything that can hurt the dog when trying to access your property.

2. Put up dog warning signs

Maybe your neighbors aren’t aware that their dogs are wreaking havoc on your property. Putting up noticeable dog warning signs where your neighbor would see them is one of the polite ways of reminding them their dogs are not wanted on your property. Dog warning signs also work well if you don’t want to confront your neighbor or don’t know which neighbor’s dog poops in your yard.

Using scrap materials such as aluminium, corrugated plastic, and old boards, you can easily create a DIY dog warning sign at home. You can also purchase a custom-made dog warning sign from Amazon, Etsy, and other online stores.

3. Install security cameras

Installing security cameras around your yard can help determine which neighbor’s dog leaves a message in your yard. They will allow you to collect video evidence should you decide to confront, file a complaint with your homeowner’s association (HOA) or sue your neighbor for damages or trespassing.

There are several security cameras for outdoor use available for online purchase. Installing these outdoor security cameras on all ground-floor doors and windows will cover the most critical areas. Always ensure your cameras aren’t pointing into your neighbors’ properties during installation.

4. Get a dog poop bag

As stated earlier, one of the reasons your neighbor’s dog poops in your yard is the lack of a pooping area in your neighbor’s place. You can buy two or three dog poop bags and dispensers and install them in your yard to remedy the situation. They are an ideal way to address the random pooping nuisance.

However, one thing to remember is that not all dog poop dispensers offer the same benefits. It is advisable to choose a brand that’s biodegradable, big enough for even the largest of dogs, and attaches to a leash in seconds.

5. Install motion-activated lawn sprinklers

Motion-activated lawn sprinklers can also stop your neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard. These programmable water control devices turn on automatically whenever they detect moving objects.

They have robust infrared or motion sensors that detect a dog or any animal that passes through their sensor range and startle them with a burst of water. They are designed to repel unwanted pets without using harmful substances of commercial dog-repellant products.

Many brands of motion-activated lawn sprinklers are on the market today, each with different features and benefits. Most of these brands are battery-operated, but you can also find some solar-powered ones.

6. Use dog-repellent scents

Dogs are more sensitive to smells than humans because they devote much brain power to analyzing and interpreting smells. For instance, more than 5 million sensory receptors exist in the human nasal cavity compared to 50 million in dogs. Therefore, you can use dog-repelling scents to prevent your neighbor’s dog from pooping or wreaking havoc on your gardens.

Some strong scents repelling dogs include cayenne pepper, citrus, vinegar, garlic, chili powder, citronella oil, ammonia, and alcohol. You can also purchase a commercial dog-repellent spray on Amazon and other online stores.

Spray or apply your preferred dog-repelling scent along the boundary of your yard to keep your neighbor’s dog away. For alcohol, vinegar, or any liquid-scented repellent, you can soak a few cotton balls in the liquid repellents and place them strategically along the boundary.

7. Talk with your neighbor

Please talk with your neighbor and tell them their dogs have been destroying your yard before you consider launching a complaint or filing a miscellaneous lawsuit. You can also advise them to install dog poop bags in their homes to act as pooping areas.

It would help to be careful when initiating a conversation with your neighbor. A stubborn neighbor might not listen to you or accuse you of trespass. Find an appropriate time to chat with your neighbor, share your feelings, and offer suggestions. A polite conversation will not only save you from the hassle of lengthy legal procedures but can also save your relationship with your neighbor.

8. Take legal action

Most states have strict state laws or local ordinances that regulate pets. For instance, states like Virginia and Maryland enacted strict animal control laws that require pet owners to keep pets constrained when in public areas. It is, therefore, illegal for pet owners to allow their pets to trespass on the private property of another.

If your neighbor’s dog pee or poops inside your property, you can decide to invoke a state law, local ordinance, or trespass law. You can do this by filing a nuisance lawsuit or small claim lawsuit that will finally get compensated or encourage your neighbor to keep their dog off your yard.

What to do when a neighbor’s dog poops in your yard

Here are some of the things you can do when you realize that your neighbor’s dog has been messing in your yard:

1. Remove the dog waste from the yard, as leaving it there carries serious health risks. Leaving it to sit in the yard might also kill your grass or pollute water sources.

2. Try talking with your neighbor politely to restrain their dog or provide a pooping area for their dogs.

The following tips will help:

  • Determine the best time to speak. After a hard day at work, most people will be exhausted. As a result, it is preferable to talk with your neighbor on the weekend, when he is more relaxed, and both of you can offer and receive more freely. 
  • Inquire about your neighbor’s genuine interests. In general, your neighbor will leave dog poop in your yard because it is easier and more convenient than picking up the excrement or walking the dog to an appropriate canine defecation position from a distance.
  • Express your feelings and offer suggestions. You might inform them that you dislike the odor and that the lawn is ruined. You can also offer them solutions, such as using doggie bags and informing them about nearby pet waste stations.
  • Be courteous during the conversation. During the discussion, avoid blaming or threatening your neighbor.

3. If your neighbor is stubborn, contact your local animal control center or homeowners association (HOA) immediately and file a complaint. Even after numerous attempts to negotiate and post warning signs, you may still find it challenging to prevent the neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard. Call your neighbors and notify your local animal control officials. After 2 or 3 complaints, the local authorities will inspect your neighborhood and relieve you of the dog faeces problem.


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